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It is important to make a memorable first impression to ensure a strong interest from potential buyers. There are several simple things you can do to help you achieve the best possible sale result, to follow are some suggestions to improve the look of your property. 

Less is more! The most valuable preparation for sale is to de-clutter your property. Remove everything that is not essential and allow your property to present itself as spacious, clean & clear as possible.

Keep it clean Wipe over the walls, floors, skirting, light switches and furniture to give your home a well-looked after appearance. Spot clean any marks on carpets or rugs.

Bedrooms Keep the bedrooms neat and tidy and have all clothes / shoes towed away in cupboards. Keep drawers and cupboard doors closed and ensure any bedside tables or tallboys are free from too many ornaments. A simple bedspread with neutral tones helps make the room appear cleaner and larger.

 It is essential that your bathroom is clean and free from mildew. If you have a shower curtain – invest in a new one if it is looking tired. Matching towels and hand towels provide a better first impression, and as in every room… de-clutter!

Ensure everything is clean and free from dust. Pack away as many nick-nacks as you can as the minimalist approach is always best. A couple of new bright cushions on the lounge can help liven the room and some fresh matching flowers will look fantastic.

Kitchen Put away any dishes and any appliances that aren’t necessary. Clean the benches, cooktop, oven, sink and don’t forget the microwave and fridge! If you have stainless steel appliances, ensure they are free from fingerprints and streaks. Arrange cupboards neatly and even give a thorough clean if you have the time.

Odours Remove any bad or strong odours such as nappies or dog bedding. Use air freshener if necessary or another inviting idea is to have freshly brewed coffee or baked cakes / bread.

Flowers Flowers are another excellent way to improve the odour of your home. They also are a beautiful and fresh way to liven and enhance the appearance of a room.

Fix faults 
Repair any defects such as loose or chipped tiles, dripping taps, squeaking or sticking doors.

Outdoor areas
 If you have a yard / courtyard keep the lawns trimmed and garden beds tidy. Its a nice touch to add a few extra flowers to give an extra bit of colour and provide a warm inviting entry to your home, Ensure pathways and verandahs are clean and free from leaves and debris.
If you are in a unit keep any balconies clean and uncluttered. If your body corporate doesn’t keep the grounds up-to-scratch it would be well worth your while to clean it up a bit yourself for the few weeks of your campaign to help present the block at its best.
Its also important to pay attention to nature strips and can even be a good idea to trim your neighbours front strip if it is untidy.

Pets Some people do not like, or are allergic to pets and they can often get in the way. It is recommended they are out of the home if possible.

Leave the house Prospective buyers can sometimes feel uncomfortable if the owner is present during inspections. If you do need to stay home, please stay out of the way as much as possible.

We will discuss with you if we believe it will be of any benefit to do extra improvements to your home such as fresh paint or carpets. In some cases it may be unnecessary or even over-capitalising, we are more than happy to help suggest any improvements and recommend reliable trades.

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